Floral fractal fashion design by Janelle

This doll creates many fashion and costume designs for other dolls. She loves to wear her own creations too. As she puts on different designs that she has created, she explores different aspects of her own personality, and the way that she relates to the world. Uniqueness and a certain theatrical sense, characterizes her style. Her fashion concepts are almost an exploration of different archetypes. The style may be almost as a fairytale, with inspirations from nature – like richly coloured flowers. Her inspirations may equally be mythical or technological – from a mermaid to a robot. Her concepts derive from the real and the imaginary worlds, dreams and reality unite in a glorious expression of visual form. She is joyous and confident, and endlessly, effortlessly explores and creates new things. She embodies a childlike enthusiam for expression that we all have within us.

Inspiration: An enthusiasm for fashion design, fractals and nature. The backdrop for this doll consists of images of costume designs hand drawn by myself previously.

The floral fractal fashion that she wears has been created especially for the Enchanted Doll competition.

Her accessories include a fractal paisley bag, and a fractal fascinator.

CAD sculptor by Janelle

This doll is a sculptor: a designer of 3D mathematical and fractal art. She is pictured here at an exhibition of some of her latest creations, highly technical yet also richly varied designs. Her methods use the latest technology to produce solid objects from computer aided design. Some objects that she creates are produced directly in metal using direct metal laser sintering, then the sculptures are polished to a lustrous finish. Other designs are produced in other materials (for example photopolymer, nylon or glass) and then painted & laquered to produce the desired finish.

Inspiration: the doll is loosely autobiographical, inspired by my recent fascination with computer aided design and manufacturing.

Entry 3 by Janelle

A romantic & generous prince presents his beloved Princess with a gift – a beautiful key set with a light pink diamond. He takes her by the hand and leads her to a richly ornamented wall cabinet. With delight she realizes that there is more to the gift than just the key. She opens the padlock and sees shelves with a miniature crystal chandelier, a glass rose, a bottle of Enchanted elixir perfume, and a Russian doll.

She picks up the larger Russian doll and opens it, eager to find layers of progressively smaller dolls inside. Instead, inside there is a sparkling enchanted doll, decorated from head to toe in diamonds & precious gems. She beams at her prince, at a loss for words, to describe her gratitude for such a masterpiece.

The prince has one little surprise left – inside the small Russian doll is a heart shaped diamond pendant set with a rare, natural Australian Argyle pink diamond with the coveted grade of 'Fancy Purplish Red'. (This little treasure weighs less than half a carat & is valued at over half a million dollars.)

The princess is absolutely thrilled by these extravagant gifts – especially adoring the pendant and the stunning Enchanted doll.

Inspiration: Russian dolls, rare gems, and an intricacy & magic like Faberge eggs.

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