Entry 1 by Jasmijn

For this design I decided to work around personification. Personification is where a person links a personality to a material or object. I've had this for as long as I remember yet only recently I've decided to use it in my own creative work. This doll is the person behind an everyday material that fascinates me a lot : Ink. The most specific characteristic of ink is her mysterious and silent nature. But, she will always leave a mark on whoever she meets. Like how one single drop of ink is enough to colour a glass of water, or that the smallest amount of ink is enough to leave a stain that can't be washed away.

the doll's hands and feet are stained in ink, so she will leave footprints and stains where ever she goes. the falling of her hair is inspired on the flowing motion of drops of ink running down a white piece of paper, the tips of her hair end in small glass bottles filled with a few drops of ink. One single drop of ink escapes her mouth. She is silent, but when she speaks her words flow and won't fail in leaving a mark, like ink.

Entry 2 by Jasmijn

This design is inspired by my brother, who has been ill for as long as I remember. As I grew older, I learned to see the beauty in his fragility, and also in my own. Therefor, I wanted to design a doll that is more fragile than an average porcelain doll. The carvings in the porcelain skin make the doll more fragile, but they are also what makes the doll unique. But I didn't only want to show the beauty in fragility, But also what I believe is the reason behind fragility.

Weaknesses and fragility give us the opportunity to grow, to live. When one reaches perfection he or she no longer grows, and what is beautiful about that ? therefor, I let silver branches grow deep within the doll. It is thanks to the wholes and carvings in the doll's skin, the branches can grow and reach up for the sky. Like fragility gives us the chance to grow , change and develope.

First, I drew her with hair but I also tried a second design where I left out the hair so the openings in her skull can be seen. Eventually, I found the second version a lot more interesting.

Entry 3 by Jasmijn

my inspiration for this one was a fairytale I started writing a few years ago. I never finished it, but I'm planning on doing so one day. It was about a boy, who fell in love with a girl that seemed to be close to perfection. yet, she wanted him to love her for who she was, and not the perfect image he thought she was. So, she send him to the world deep within her heart, where her thoughts, emotions and dreams ruled. She hoped that the boy would learn she too has a darker and less pleasant side to her. The boy met her most beautiful angels, but also her darkest demons when inside the girl's world. When he finally knew who she really was, he was able to leave the world again. But, learning about her darker side only made him love her more. He was able to see light in the darkest places, and to see beauty everywhere he looked.

This doll also has a dark part, and it's covering a big part of her body. yet, this darkness is a world on it's own, with stars and light for those who are willing to see. This could be done with powder of gemstones or glittering powder. I chose to use gemstones for her heels and I also made them re-appear in her hair. I used the ' ballerina ' heel design for her shoes. It makes her appearance more striking, and 'lifts ' her up to the stars. It also gives her a very ' unhuman ' look, refering to the idea of 'perfection'.

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