by Jayne

My submission for the Enchanted doll contest is a doll based "Libertas", the Roman Goddess of Freedom.

She is the ancient representation of personal liberty and freedom and was first worshipped by slaves praying for release from their bond. With broken chains around her feet and a torch she serve as a beacon of hope to enlighted the world. I think her symbolism is quite timely given the situation in North Africa. Eygpt's fight for reform and the terrible events taking place in Libya as her citizen's war against their oppressers and die for the very freedom that I think we, in the west sometimes take for granted. She is the iconic symbol of liberty and freedom. Her likeness is the copper beauty that sits on Liberty Island overlooking Ellis Island, the first port of call for millions of immigrants traveling to America in hopes of finding freedom and the promise of a better life.

The doll could be dressed in the Neo-Classic style with greco-roman dressing and holding a torch aloft for all to see with a broken chain tattoo wrapped around her feet and a beautiful crown depicting the seven rays of the diadem (representing the seven oceans of the world). The Goddess Libertas is a much beloved and time-honored symbol, stretching from Roman history, where she reprensents personal liberty and freedom to the present time in which she is better known as Lady Liberty.

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