by Jeannine

My idea for the doll was to show her as a natural woman or nature bound women.

The name should be something like earthbound

I choosed warm earthy colours like a dark grean brown.
Her hair is messy wavy and knee long.
Her Crown and the "top"reminds of trees and antlers. They should be bronze or even real twigs. In her Crown is hanging an apple.
The fabric should be a flowing green and natural weaved.
Maybe even a bit transparent.
She wears a wrap around skirt.
Her outit have many little amber beads included.
Her arms and feet should be covered with floral henna tattoos-(sadly i´m not very talented with henna patterns ^^)
Her face is very soft and "snowwhite like".

My Idea came just from the nowhere ^^ it came in my mind like a surprise. I included some of my favorit parts of your works like your beadworks and metal work.

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