Skia by Jen

Skia is a shadow nymph. Shadow nymphs live and lurk in shaded and shadowed areas throughout the world. They are most active during the night, but also during twilight. Shadow nymphs tend to have dark skin tones. Charcoal browns in color with a unique pattern that flows up and down the arms & legs, front & back of the torso, and features on the face. The pattern itself can change pigmentation depending upon the needs and desires of the shadow nymph, like that of a cephalopod or chameleon. The shadow nymph’s skin pattern is not just color, but light similar to the glow of a firefly or anglerfish. The shifting patterns & colors create an illusion of dancing lights. It changes its skin pattern to camouflage itself or to attract & confuse travelers, luring them to an unknown fate.

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