April Shower by Jennalee

The design of April Shower was inspired by the song “Little April Shower” by Frank Churchill and Larry Morey from the Disney movie “Bambi”.

April Shower is a little fairy with a cosmic affinity to water. This is evident in the blue tinge to her skin and curly long hair. April Shower is a very pretty playful little character with an overt childish outlook on life. She lives for and loves rainy days, playing and mischievously splashing in the puddles. April shower loves to sit under leaves listening to the sounds of the rain play a melody on each leaf. When April Shower spots a gloomy person sitting inside on a rainy day she wistfully makes her way in rain drop magic and dances a pitter-patter rhythm to encourage a smile or laugh. April Shower is always there to chase the troubles away and creates a whimsical fantasy for those she loves to wish a blissful day.

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