The Wolf by Jessica

Description: This doll would be based of Red Riding Hood. She would have long wavy hair that can be contained in her hood. The hood would have an attached cape (this is the doll’s only costume). The cape is made from a delicate red lace and beaded with trim. She wears a long jewel on a chain with matching earrings. Her jewelry looks antique (perhaps heirlooms from her grandmother). Her cape can be swept to the front to expose her back which is covered with a large tattoo of a wolf. The premise is that while wearing her cape she appears quite innocent perhaps even a victim of her fairy tale. When the cape is moved to the side she is exposed to be quite dangerous and wild (as indicated by the wolf tattoo).

Wendy (from Peter Pan) by Jessica

Description: This concept if for Wendy Darling. Her costume would be a knee length night gown that has a tear over her heart. Underneath would be a scar/wound from where the lost boys shot her down with an arrow thinking she was a bird. The neckline of her dress would have a floral folk design matched by a similar trim on the bottom of the nightgown. Her dress is cinched by a loose metal band of leaves forming a belt. Dangling from the belt is a large acorn which was Peter’s “kiss” for Wendy. She wears a similar laurel of leaves in her hair. On her skin are small sporadic designs of sparkling jewels representing the pixie dust that was sprinkled on her. Tinker bell’s malice for Wendy is shown by how these jewels have embedded themselves into her skin causing a lasting “deformity”.

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