by Jess K.

This entry is for an Enchanted Doll inspired by matryoshka dolls, or Russian nesting dolls.

There are several different aspects to this entry. I wanted to tie this entry [into] your interests and the beautiful things that I love about E.D./that E.D. is known for while still experimenting with new ideas that you could try.

The first aspect is for the nesting doll itself. In the past, you’ve written about your fascination both with things Russian and with different containers and boxes. A matryoshka is a combination of both. My idea is for a nesting doll that opens to reveal an E.D. The nesting doll shell could be made of metal and scrollwork, painted with colored enamel, like your ED shoes are, or it could go further.. This would be a chance to experiment with new materials. Imagine a matryoshka doll container carved of wood and painted in [vibrant] colors—or it could be sculpted of resin or porcelain like an ED itself. Now we come to the doll inside of the matryoshka shell. One possibility is for a nude ED clothed in Russian-folklore- inspired garments.

Another is to have several different matryoshka “shells” that open to reveal… a tiny little Enchanted Doll child. Not just some cutesy baby doll, but a little moon-child Rusian child with luminous skin, rosebud cheeks, and hair down to her ankles.

The last possibility: a matryoshka doll that reveals a pregnant Enchanted Doll. The pregnant doll’s stomach would have a side hinge that opened to reveal a curled-up ED fetus or infant.

by Jess K.

This entry is for an Enchanted Doll inspired by the Ballets Russes.

For the “visual element”, I wanted to emulate the beautiful black-and-white sketches that you upload onto your blog for your fans. The sketches are stark but lush, pared-down but still elaborate. They are only ideas, still on paper and not fully realized, but they hint at the beautiful things to come.

The costumes for the ballets russes are vibrantly colored, but I left these sketches are in black and white. I like the idea that you might look at them and see/choose your own colors/ breathe color and life in them.

One of my favorite things about your ED’s is that you can take something that others might consider ugly, like body hair or pregnancy, and make it beautiful. In ballet, beauty arises from some very ugly things: ballerinas contort their bodies, pull muscles, break bones, starve themselves, to create something beautiful. This is also a parallel with you and your work. We fans see the final product—a beautiful doll—while we only catch a small glimpse of the pain and madness that goes into creating them.

The costume for a costume doll could be a beautiful ballets russes-inspired piece of stagewear. The piece of jewelry could be a delicate, fairylike crown or headpiece for the tiny dancer. The accessory could be a miniature pointe shoe, carved in metal and enameled with vibrant colors. A ballets russes ED would showcase classic elements of ED like your embroidery and beadwork, while still experimenting with new ideas.

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