by Julia

My doll is an Inuit (Eskimo) girl, a seal spirit. Her tentative name is Oogrooq, which means “seal” in Inuktitut. Inuit names tend to be very straightforward; a person can be named after any object, person, animal, etc. So I don’t think that literally calling her “seal” would be a bad idea, but if you feel she better suits a different Inuit name, that would be fine too.

I feel that the Inuit culture would be a good area for Enchanted Doll to explore that it hasn’t before. I also would love to see a doll with Inuit features. For my design, instead of using traditional Inuit clothing, I decided to give the doll a costume that was more “inspired by” the culture, drawing on the look of Inuit clothing and art, as well as on the fantasy of the doll as a seal spirit. Attached are three drawings of my doll. She wears a hooded cape lined with thick fur, which is made of suede-like or pelt-like material. It is white, and has gradation at the bottom on both front and back, where it changes to gray. The back of the cape (which I didn’t include a drawing of) tapers to a point and should be longer than the front so it trails behind the doll, like a train. Underneath her cape, Oogrooq wears a skintight suit, made of blue-gray material that is dappled like sealskin. This fabric should feel very smooth to the touch, to complete the illusion.

On the cape front, I wanted embroidered graphic art similar to the beautiful art that comes from the Inuit culture. The design I put on the cape in my drawing is my best attempt at drawing a seal in this style; however, a better design could probably be made.

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