Under the Milky Way by Kait

And it’s something quite peculiar,
Something that’s shimmering and white.
Leads you here despite your destination,
Under the milky way tonight.

This concept is called Under the Milky Way. Inspiration for this concept comes from the song Under the Milky Way, by the group Church. The song was later remade my Sia, whose version I like better. This concept was very entertaining for me because I enjoy anything associated with space. I have been fascinated with the universe since I was a child. Maybe it is because we will never fully understand it leaving so much room to dream.

Under the Milky Way wears the universe on her veil. It is decorated with stars, swirls, and jewels like precious comets and rocks. Her shoulder decoration is also jeweled with black stones and attaches in the front where the planets sway. The sun, decorated with jewels and beads are where the planets stem from. Around her waist she wears a chain that secures her silver bag of stars, which allows her to replace a star once it has burned out. She wears jewels on her hands and feet as well and moonflowers in her hair bands.

Steampunk Warrior: Keeper of Time by Kait

The steampunk warrior is the protector of time. She was born along side time itself. Her fan, securely in her arm cuff, opens portals into past and future eras. Her mechanical wings allow her to travel through time and space to defend events as they were and should be. Should she fail, the world could be forever altered.

The warrior wears a black and white dress of Victorian print cloth and leather. She also wears a black and dark brown leather corset and belt. She wears goggles upon her head and is adorned with many Victorian style accessories and mechanical gears from the beaded necklace to the gears in her hair. Her mechanical wings bear feathers of a black swan. She carries many clock hand weapons with her in her everlasting struggle along with her watch face shield. The fate of our world depends on her decisions and triumphs. She has not failed us yet.

Inspiration for this concept comes from a ever expanding love for steampunk that I possess, all of the wonderful steampunk artists in the world, and of course Marina’s dolls.

Fight by Kait

This concept is called fight. Much of the inspiration comes from Marina's newest doll, Surviving. I believe it is a beautiful idea and would love to see more similar to it. It is extremely inspirational and uplifting.

This idea is also inspired by my grandfather who was diagnosed with Amyloidosis, a rare blood disease that can often be fatal. He was diagnosed in the summer of 2008 and passed away in October of that same year. Although he passed away, he fought for every minute he had. He fought for himself and for his family. My last memory of him before he passed was when he was in his hospital bed and was unable to move or talk because of the tubes in his neck. My dad and I would put our hands on his feet and he would fight to wiggle his toes to let us know he was still there. He was the strongest, bravest man I have even known.

I suppose this concept is my way of saying fight, no matter the circumstances, no matter what the doctors say. Fight for yourself and for the ones that love you.

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