Niamh of the golden hair by Kamila

Niamh, an immortal princess, fell for a man, Oisín. She should have known the risk she was taking when she brought him to Tír na nÓg, the place of eternal youth. After a happy time together, Oisín became homesick and longed to visit Ireland. Niamh warned him not to touch the ground when back in his homeland. The moment he accidentally did, it turned him into the old man he would have become, had he not been living in Tír na nÓg. Oisín could not return to Niamh and died a short time later.

Grieving his loss and pregnant with Oisín’s second child (a daughter who would inherit her mother’s beauty), Niamh portrays a tormented, tragic figure. Her story is truly touching, it captivates the imagination. The doll design reflects Niamh’s Irish origin. Her pale skin features tattooes with motifs reminiscent of Celtic knots, the symbols of life, change and continuity.

Image 1: Face and headpiece design
Image 2: Full figure frontal view showing the extensive tattoos
Image 3: Detail of the tattoo, showing the face of the unborn child

The original illustrations were created by entrant Kamila Igras in February and March 2011.

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