by Kamila

I propose to do a new doll with a new tattoo. My tattoo shows a big tree on the back of my doll. It is symbol of life and eternity. She have big (I mean really big) green eyes and unreal long eyelashes. She is pale and she have long white hair with green reflections. She is a Dryad. She can have tattoos on her legs (or one leg) too. It can be some kind of vine (but it is unnecessary).

My inspiration was book and game called “The Witcher” and my own short stories. Name of this doll can be Luna or Selene, because I like both of them (but you can name her however you want). Both of my names mean “Moon”. It is also name of main character in my story.

She can talk with animals, plants and trees. She do not harm any living creature. She protect them and help them. She is a vegetarian and she do not burn wood. She is sad and she is crying because her forest - her home was burned by humans who care only about themselves and do not care about creatures lived in forest. They want space to build their skyscraper and they get it without consequences.

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