by Kamila J

The idea for this doll is loosely based on common superstition, that cats, when left with a newborn baby, steal their breath by lying on them. Our heroine, a nameless cat, is one of these scary creatures.

With every baby’s breath sucked, she starts the become more human. Slowly her appearance changes and along with it she faces new possibilities and obstacles - she finds it harder to sneak into babies’ rooms, so she must be satisfied with souls of little boys. At the point in which we find her, she looks rather human (maybe apart from claw-like fingernails), but she’s mute – she can’t yet articulate words though she understands human speech and can, less or more, read. It is problematic to lure prey in this condition but she has her ways. She also starts hunting younger men (preferably virgins) who have access to money. She gets more ambitious – she wants to go to theatres, operas, balls, become acquainted with the greatest minds of the world. She needs money and position, and she’s gaining it with every other victim. The bodies that she leaves behind are later eaten by her servants – two boys, who also used to be animals. Human meat, however, doesn’t have as much power as a soul, so they’ll never become as advanced as our heroine – in fact the more their appearance looks human, the simpler their minds get. They’re blindly devoted to their mistress and she doesn’t hesitate to use them.

Here’s a quick description of a doll’s outfit – she’s wearing a crochet body and a lace cape (although anything lingerie-ish would be fine). The thing on her head is an embroidered cat’s scull – since she became more human it helps her concentrate while sucking up breaths.

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