Freja by Kari

Freja, the Norse Goddess, is a complicated woman. She began her story as a spoil of war between the Aesir (dark) and the Vanir (light). But she, as a being of light, brought with her knowledge of magic, which she taught her new husband, Odin, and others. She was also the leader of the Valkyries who took the souls of men who dies valiantly in battle, which is why I included the wings and silken veil to her headdress, as she was said to have a cloak of feathers and able to fly. She was also renowned for her beauty and her love of beautiful things, hence my version of her famous gold and amber necklace, Brisingamen, which it was said she slept with four dwarfs to get. For all that she was not the same kind of god as those in her new home, Freja was resourceful and smart enough to make herself one of the most revered and respected gods in the Norse pantheon. It is her strength, her beauty, and her mystery that I wanted to show, and I believe that in one of your dolls, you could show all of her perfectly.

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