Little Red Wolf by Kate

Over time, the Little Red Riding Hood story has come to represent a girl's coming-of-age, with her red cloak a symbol of her first menstruation, and the wolf representing an amorous male suitor. But this Little Red is the wolf herself, a woman embracing her menstruation, her sexuality, and the dual nature of life.

This doll features two removable wigs: one gray, knee-length and swishing like a wolf's tail; the other a short crop of red that has been braided into a crown across the top of her head. Her eyes are bright, her pale skin tinged red from the winter cold. The palms of her hands and the bottoms of her feet are tattooed red, representing both her menstruation and a wolf's paw pads. Delicate red tattoos swirl from her fingernails to the first finger joint, not unlike henna decoration, not unlike claws. Her accessories include: a long, crimson cloak edged in white fur, fastened by a silver clasp set with rubies; and a decorative silver wolf's head with ruby eyes, which can be worn on her head like a helm.

Geppetto's Doll by Kate

This little doll tumbled off of Geppetto's workbench and traveled, all on her own, to visit you. Without a fairy's magic, a doll cannot come to life. But the craft that goes into their making is no less wondrous. From the front, she looks like her Enchanted Doll siblings, aside from a small, silver lined hole where her bellybutton should be. She comes with an ornate silver key that can be inserted here, at her belly, where life begins and where this mechanical doll would, if her mechanisms were real, come to life. This doll is an homage to the Enchanted Dolls themselves, featuring engraved tattoos of the inner spring works that allow her to pose and look so lifelike on the backs of her arms and legs, as elegant as the seams of silk stockings. These are connected to a tattoo of a clockwork mechanism on the doll's back, as though the blueprint was printed on her skin. The knee and elbow joints are made of silver, and parts of the tattoo are made of silver applique as well.

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