by Katharina

Please find here the concept art and sketches for a headdress for the Childlike Empress, a very complex character out of Michael Ende´s well known fantasy novel The Neverending Story. The Childlike Empress is described to have white hair, golden eyes and a fragile, infantile appearance. Nevertheless she is not that sweet, innocent and unsuspicious as we might know her out of the fantasy films. I really hope you know this philosophical story, because there is so much more to read between the lines than the films would ever show.

The Empress rather is an very old and powerful being, deliberate and demanding. She neither is a resident of Fantastica nor a fantastic creature, she is more than that: She is Fantastica, the land she reigns. She is the personification of Sense of Live and the reason for every fantastic existence.

However that would be too many words to analyze this profound deity. So I`ll go on with the description of the headdress: It`s a silver helmet-crown with little fresh water pearls, a triangle-cut rainbow moonstone (white labradorite) and a flimsy fan behind a delicate silver ornament that reminds me on a laurel wreath. Underneath the helmet-crown the empress wears a cap (sketch b) that shows her own hair in form of a bun. But she can also wear loose hair or a braid that comes out of the cap to differ the look. Sketch “c” shows the back side of the helmet-crown with two big fake hair buns on each side that are assembled to the crown like two hair horns, rolled up on two big pins.

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