Crooked Window by Kathryn

"She was very tiny, not much larger than Biff's doll, Belinda, but she was as beautiful as the dawn, and had the kindest blue eyes, and masses of dark hair flowed over her shoulders in deep, soft waves. She wore a golden crown with eight jewelled points, and about her throat sparkled a double row of deep red rubies. She held up her hand, no bigger than a flower petal, and the coach stopped, its horses coming gracefully to earth, with their wings folded at their sides"

This is a description of the Fairy Queen, from a book called "The Land of the Crooked Window" written by Evelyn Davey-Collins and illustrated by MW Whittington. It is no longer in print and my copy is very precious to me as it belonged to my late mother, and now me. The story tells of two children, Biff and Buffy, who go to spend the summer in a cottage belonging to their Aunt and Uncle. The children discover that the crooked window in their bedroom is a fairy window and that they can visit the Land of the Crooked Window via the Fairy Stairway. They have many adventures which eventually lead them to meeting the Fairy Queen.

Attached are photographs, of the cover of the book and the description and illustration of the Fairy Queen. The original illustrations were all black and white but are now mostly coloured in by us both as children. My Enchanted Doll will wear a light chiffon mauve wrap, and she would have her gold crown with eight jewelled points and a necklace of deep red rubies. She would also have wings in delicate glass.

I have called her 'Crooked Window' because it is through the crooked window that she comes to life.

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