by Katrina

First off I would like to point out I am not the greatest artist, so I would appreciate if you judged my entry according to these paragraphs.

I would like to start with the expression and image of the doll.

Her eyes a vibrant green, reflecting the individuality the girl obviously possesses. They are wide with the look of confusion, a look that expresses what she is feeling. However, she cannot express these feelings into words, which brings us to the lower portion of her visage. Her lips are full and bright red, beautiful and tell the tale of a woman who has spoken many words. Yet, for some reason, she is not willing to say the inspiring words she has hidden, and keeps these lips shut tight.

Moving on to the body:

Her form is gorgeous. It is a fine example of what every woman, teenagers to withering souls, have aspired to obtain. She is rightly proportioned, her breasts not too big, her waist not too small, and overall, a beautiful figure.

Now to her hair:

Well this was difficult, I've browsed the different dolls in your gallery on Deviant art and I've noticed they're all wonderfully long, or exactly the opposite. What I have done here was I drew a chin length style that can have "clip on' hair extensions. I wanted this to represent LGBT, which is a very delicate subject with many people. I realize a woman having short hair does not always mean they are homosexual or dress the opposite gender, but what I wanted to show was the fact that many people who are "confused" try to hide it with the things they wear and the way they act. Hair is a great example of this, and I wanted to express this in the design.

The corset:

The cross at the top my look randomly placed, but I do have an explanation for this. I wanted this at the top of her ensemble as I find religion holds a lot of influence over many rational people. I realize the cross does not symbolize religion, however, when I think of one of the most powerful and influencing religion on the Earth, I think of Christianity. Going back to the topic, religion can make people do things they may not want to do. For example, soldiers who perform suicidal bombings for their god.

The metal ribs represent the never-ending journey for "perfectness.” The ribs specifically represent eating disorders, but they could also represent plastic surgery for the reason of "an ugly nose/mouth/eye etc..." or pretty much anything that involves changing your image due to conformity. When i first drew the ribs, I was thinking of the eating disorder "anorexia.”

Before I get to the lower part of the corset, I would like to get to the skirt cage:

This skirt cage represents conformity in a whole. The restrictions society gives the sharp edges that cut you when you break these restrictions, the unbreakable bars it possesses, and the weight that holds you down. Moreover, although conformity can be a bad thing, it can be a great and beautiful thing, if you are strong enough to hold the weight.

The lower part of the corset:

This is media, I find the TV, the magazines and the constant need to be a part of something the stronghold of conformity.

Last but not least, the face cage and eye patch:

The eye patch represents turning a blind eye. This woman is so confused and so sucked into pressure, she does not realize she is actually doing so, making her blind to the actual effects society has on her. This eye patch is bolted onto the face cage, this face cage can have something to do with eating disorders, yet in my mind, it has everything to do with the restrictions of free speech. The cage lets her speak, yet it muffles her words, making the people around hear what they want to hear, and not what she is actually saying.

Therefore, overall, this outfit and doll represents pressure and what affects it has on our community.

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