The Snow Queen by Kelly

The famous Danish fairy tale "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Anderson explores the complicated themes of abduction, predator vs. prey, emotion vs. reason, and the power of the feminine. One of the only fairy tales in which the female rescues the male, Gerta herself braves trial after trial to save the boy Kay (abducted by the Snow Queen and literally blinded by her icy logic).

The Snow Queen and Gerta are opposite archetypes and yet still united: Gerta is drive solely by her heart and capacity to love, the Snow Queen is encased in a protective shell of logic. Yet they are both different aspects of the same feminine: both strong, determined, and desiring to unite with the masculine, Kay (the Snow Queen kidnaps him in a disturbing predatory child-abduction, to possess him, and Gerta braves all obstacles to melt his now-cold heart, leading him back to himself).

My proposed doll explores the feminine archetype in this haunting story: how it is both cruel and merciful, possessive and sacrificing, predatory and vulnerable, emotional yet logical. I've created a crown for the doll (using both harsh and soft lines to illustrate the feminine duality), leaving her facial expression to Marina.

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