Mine by Kelly S.

I have been enamored with the idea of a silver ED chastity belt - not an ugly spiked device, but something lovely like the silver ED bodice. Chastity belts evoke the image of a medieval maiden locked in a belt to prevent her from "temptation" while her knight left on a crusade. More likely the belts were a Renaissance device, meant to protect against infidelity and also rape. In Victorian times they were fitted to youth to prevent masturbation, which was thought to lead to madness, sudden blindness, or death! This ED holds the key to her own belt, a metaphor for being in control of her own sexuality. Hopefully as modern women around the world have more freedom, equality, and education, they will be able to be increasingly in control of their own choices regarding sexuality and reproduction as well. "Mine" should be feminine yet powerful and self-assured. The belt and key alone would be a sufficient costume, but I couldn't help adding Renaissance style clothing and hairstyle to my drawing!

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