Entry 1 by Kiersten

When I read about the contest this year I was immediately struck with inspiration from one of my favorite artists; Alphonse Mucha. He was a main influence of the Art Nouveau period and his style was so unique for the time. I was greatly inspired by his use of flowing lines and his color choices. The women he painted always looked so individual, sensual, and of course beautiful. This is also how I feel about Enchanted Dolls. Therefore I had to use Mucha's beautiful art to inspire a doll.

I began with her dress because I adore Mucha's flowing fabrics & unique fashions. I took inspiration from many different dresses and combined them into my own vision that I felt did Mucha justice. I imagine the fabric to be either very light, perhaps an organza or similar material. That, or a weighty fabric such as a silk or perhaps a thin velvet-like material. The gold part of her dress I imagine being cast in gold with simple gold beaded strings extending from it to lay gently on her shoulders.

From her dress I moved on to her crown. I got the idea for a crown from the many circular repeated patterns in Mucha's backgrounds. They are intricate and frame the pieces in such an outstanding and perfect way. I wanted this crown to essentially do the same for the doll's beautiful delicate face. I see the crown being either cast in gold, or perhaps bronze with a gold plating.

For her hair I knew I wanted it be long, luxurious and flowing, very much like many of Mucha's paintings. The way he drew and painted hair makes it stand out and seem almost to have a life of its own. I am not sure I captured it as well as I had hoped in the example I created. I just knew it would be breathtaking to see it done on an Enchanted Doll.

Entry 2 by Kiersten

For my second submission I chose to take inspiration from an intense fear I have. I have been terrified of clowns since I was around three years old. The curious thing is that I am not quite as bothered by Harlequin clowns. In fact, I am rather hauntingly fascinated by their design. And I can relate that feeling to some of my favorite Enchanted Dolls.

I started with the face because I felt this was a key part to pulling off this doll design. I felt her eyes should be slightly larger and really captivating. Of course the makeup had to be semi-drastic. I decided to go with a classic sort of look. But I can definitely imagine more unique ones working wonderfully on an Enchanted doll. Perhaps even a series of Harlequin dolls would be fascinating. I wanted to keep her hair very short, as if she were a performer and had to keep it out of her way.

When I was working on her costume I wanted the collar to be exaggerated in the essences of her looking a little more “clown like”. The rest of her outfit I wanted to have the elegance I have seen of many harlequin dolls but with a slight twist. I love the figures of Enchanted Dolls so much so I hoped it would be somehow possible to create a sheer costume with tiny sparkling jewels attached all over it. The last touch was her shoes. I imagine they would be cast bronze, possibly gold plated, with silver ribbon straps and little silver puffs on the end of her toes.

Entry 3 by Kiersten

For my third submission I knew I wanted to design a male doll. I will admit any sort of male design is not my strong suit but I felt I should challenge myself. I took inspiration from one of my favorite subjects, Greek Mythology. After reading through a few of the stories and description of the different male Gods I settled on Apollo. I felt he sounded worthy of being an Enchanted doll. I also love the idea of him having his twin sister Artemis as a doll beside him but since this was my last submission I did not add her.

I was most excited after looking into greek art and all the details they have. I wanted his coloring to be very light, in symbolism with the sun. His eyes I hoped to be ethereal and very captivating since he is a god. I decided to give Apollo armor to show his greek origin. It would be cast in silver or bronze with silver plating. I envision the same for his crown and shin gaurds. I also wanted to add his symbols; the lyre and bow. They would as well be cast in silver & gold or bronze with plating. These cast pieces were my favorite part of this design.

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