Sunset Goddess by Kit

Rather than following a traditional Sun God look I opted to create a more contemporary design suited to a fashion doll. The idea of personifying a sunset as opposed to the sun alone allowed for more flexibility with colour and led to this abstract, gothic, and feminine depiction.

The colours run from light to dark as you move down her figure, through the shades of a sunset. The brighter colours sit at the top, drawing attention to her face, while the lower portion of her dress fans out into a deep blue.

The henna inspired tattoos swirling across her arms represent flames. A golden look could be achieved by painting a yellow highlight upon a base layer of orange. The pattern on her back represents the rising of life towards the sun. A circular clip holds the doll's hair in place.

Sekhmet Helmet by Kit

The initial idea for this helmet came from researching the Ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, a powerful warrior with the head of a lion. With this concept in mind I decided to try designing a piece of clothing an Enchanted Doll could wear to look like such a deity.

The helmet is formed of metal, with a chain-like ‘spine’, representing a lion’s tail, hanging down the back over a removable white veil. The veil is a symbol of purity commonly associated with goddesses and virgin women.

Many colourful jewels are included in the design to create a sense of majesty, such as those in the earring-like shapes hanging from the helmet’s sides. The lion’s eyes, nose, and tip of the spine are also brightly-coloured gems.

The helmet can be worn as-is on a nude doll, or can be used with other costumes and jewelry to enhance the look.

Inori Dress by Kit

This costume is based on accounts of ‘near death experiences’ I’ve read over the years. It seems that people on the verge of death witness a variety of things, and interestingly a lot of stories describe similar occurrences. The one I am drawn to most is the claim that people have an overwhelming feeling of pure, unconditional love and enlightenment whilst ‘out of body’. One man said that whilst dying in a hospital bed his soul rose upwards and was ‘engulfed’ with all the positive feelings everyone he’d known in his life had ever felt for him.

‘Inori’ means ‘Prayer’ in Japanese. This outfit is my visual interpretation of how a soul might feel when wrapped in this blanket of never-ending light and peace. The butterflies represent the many gifts of love, or prayers, a person receives from others throughout their life, some of which are only truly visible and appreciable in death.

The dress design (minus butterflies):

The dress would work best on a pale and light-haired doll to enhance the ‘ghostly’ appearance. Long thigh-high white socks and other items could also be worn.

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