By Kitty

In 1893, when she was 15, Angelica DeSartre’s body was taken over by an angel. All over her limbs and torso run dark blue tattoos, some in Angelic script, some in a gibberish that is the writing of lower class angels—Angelic shorthand, you might say. Angelica is very pale and delicate after years of wasting illness, has large eyes and short, blonde hair. Those eyes have changed since she's been possessed: they burn with a strange, inhuman light. Her smile, as well, looks eerie and out of place on her innocent face. She still sits in her Rotan wheel chair most of the day, dressed in a simple nightgown, but even though her body is still crippled, the entity inside it can make it move by activating the tattoos on her skin and using her like a puppet. The angel does not seem benevolent or malevolent. It doesn’t do anything besides watching and listening; it's just there and it won't go away, but it claims it is ‘the first’. Considering Angelica’s monthly periods have suddenly started up again, she may be the future mother of a new hybrid angelic race.

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