by Kris

Background story:

Snow White and Rose Red are sisters who lived with their mother in a small cottage by the forest. Snow White is fair with blonde hair while Rose Red is darker. One winter night a bear knocked on their door and asked for shelter from the bitter cold, and they've let him in and let him lay by the fire place while Snow White and Rose Red knocks the snow off the bear's back, hence the expression of the bear "Snowy-White, Rosy-red, will you beat your lover dead?". The bear returns for many nights and became friends with the two. Nearing the end of winter, the bear bade goodbye to the sisters telling them that he will be gone in the summer for he needs to guard his treasure from a dwarf. During the summer, the sisters had many encounters with the said dwarf who seem to always get his beard caught into something. The sisters then helps the dwarf by cutting off a little of his beard in order to free him, which always anger the dwarf. At their last meeting with the dwarf, the dwarf accused the girls of spying, the bear having heard the dwarf's rantings, came to the rescue of the sisters. The dwarf bargained that the bear eat the sisters, for they have more meat in their bones than him. Angered by the dwarf's offer, the bear hit the dwarf with a killer blow, thus killing the dwarf. Frightened, the sisters began running, but before they could get away, the bear called out to them and told them not to be frightened for he is the bear who became their friend. When the girls turned to face the bear, they saw a handsome prince standing before them. He told them that he was cursed by the dwarf by stealing his treasure. The prince walked the two home and promised to return in A YEAR AND A DAY for he has to return to his kingdom. A year and a day passed by and true to his promise the prince returned with his younger brother. The prince married Snow White, while his brother married Rose Red, and together with the sister's mother, they returned to the castle and they lived happily ever after.

Design Description:

Snow White and Rose Red are one of my favorite fairy tale stories, i like how different the sisters look yet very similar in their nature. Originally Rose Red has dark eyes and hair, but in my illustration I made her to have red hair and blue-green eyes for I want her to embody her name, I want her to be red while Snow White is pale and fair. I designed the dolls to have rose tattoos that represents their name, I've never seen you done multi-colored tattoos for your dolls and I think multi-colored tattoos would really look great on them. Another reason is that my older sister (who is older to me by A YEAR AND A DAY,a strange coincidence that this span of time also appeared in the story) is a tattoo artist, and my entry was kinda inspired by the relationship between me and my sister. We grew up really close together, and I really like the idea that although we look very different from each other (like Rose Red and Snow White), we are very similar in may ways, thus inspired me to do this piece which is dedicated to our sisterhood.

Pisces by Kris

Background story:

According to Greek Mythology, the constellation Pisces represent gods Aphrodite(goddess of love and beauty) and her son Eros (god of desire), who transformed themselves into fishes in order to escape the destructive monster Typhoon. In another version of the story, instead of turning themselves into fishes, a couple of fish offered to take them to safety by carrying them on their backs.

Pisces appears in the sky as two fishes tied together by a chord/string, some say that Aphrodite tied her son to her body in order not to lose him as they get to safety.

Design Description:

Being a Pisces ( like you, Marina ), I really wanted to do a piece that represents my Zodiac sign.

I designed my Pisces doll to have ivory white skin, I want her to look as bright as a star. I would like the doll to have shimmering, luminescent skin (kinda like when you put shimmer powder/fine glitter powder on your skin).

And if possible, several clear-multi-sized rhinestones glued on her skin (to make them look like major stars)

I placed the Pisces fish symbol at her feet because (according to Astrological Body), Pisces corresponds/rules the feet that they need to be careful and take care of. I want the feet to appear like you dipped it in a piece of galaxy, to be painted like a very starry night that gradually fades unto her legs.

As for the hair, I would prefer for it to be platinum blonde ( to emphasize her being a star), but dark-almost-blue-violet hair also works for me.

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