by LA-Fairy

Once upon a time, lived a Fairy in an enchanted forest,
Loved by all creatures for her helpful spirit dearest.
The fairy was fragile, gentle and beautiful.
In those woods lived a Forest Witch,
Old, mean and unmerciful.
When she learned, every creature who seek help went to the Fae,
The old witch realized in order to gain, she had to slay.
When she watched the young Fae glisten in doing well,
She knew, death was not enough, she needed to burn in hell.

She cursed the Fae with wings of Steel,
So every flutter she would feel,
For metal is a manmade thing,
And enchanted beings it will sting.

Everyone she touched, laid healing hands upon, got burned.
All the creatures ran from her, everywhere she turned.
Left alone, in the dark and in pain,
The witch had achieved what she tried to gain.
The Fairy left the woods in agony and fear,
For the cries in nightmares she remained to hear.

After walking days and nights, she laid down to rest.
When she awoke, a man attired in trousers, shoes and a vest,
In a offering manner, held out his hand.
Oh the Fairy cried, Don’t touch me Sire, you can’t!
My skin is blistering,
My touch bears suffering.
So please good sir, let me be, let me lie,
Rest upon this cold rock till I die.

His heart warmed as she looked into his soul, as he looked into her eyes.
Softly wrapped her in his cloak and lifted her up, against her cries.
Carried her to his castle, cared for her wound, scar and blister,
With the sparkle of her eyes, bend over and kissed her.
‘But how, this touch should have been fatal?’
‘I am a mortal, no harm can do me metal’.

Sword in hand, she wished for her wings to be cut off total,
So the heavy burden of metal wings was lifted, leaving her a mortal.
He vowed to love her even more and so the knot of marriage was tied,
And they lived happily until they died.

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.