Tree Nymphs by Laura

In Greek mythology, the Hamadryads are dryads (tree nymphs) who are so closely bound to their trees that the injury or death of that tree likewise injures or kills them too. Consequently, the gods would punish any mortal who damaged a Hamadryad’s tree. The first Hamadryad is young and innocent, with skin textured like an oak or maple. Moss is perfect for her hair because it’s natural, green, and its texture gives the Hamadryad a playfully wild look. She should have mossy green pubic hair to match. A peaceful, loving expression on her face signifies that all is well with her tree. If her expression were sad or angry, it would mean that she and her tree are unwell; she may have lovers’ initials carved into her. An example of this is seen in the second Hamadryad.

Inspiration for "Hamadryad" came from pondering ways to experiment with textured skin, like the raised designs on “Shapeshifter.” Tree bark is one of the most fascinating natural textures I know. While these images show the dolls as if their bark texture were painted onto their skins, (which is also an option,) I feel that three-dimensionally textured skin would be much more intriguing.

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