Odette and Odile by Leilani

(Acrylic, graphite and mixed media collage on wood)

Ballet is both elegant and sensual, two such words that immediately jumped to mind when I first discovered Enchanted Dolls. Enchanted Dolls are graceful, expressive and their long lean bodies remind me of ballerinas. Thus, my entries are inspired by the ballet Swan Lake, Light VS Darkness, and the themes of innocence, transformation and sexuality.

Odette, Entry 1

In my interpretation of Odette, the white swan queen, I wanted to incorporate the theme of a “caged bird,” still innocent but trapped by it. Her breasts are bound in a metal cage-like corset, a white hood covers her hair and she wears a cage-like crown. A white feather collar frames her pale face and metal anklet-like sandals adorn her nude feet. Her gown fades from opaque to translucent, symbolizing transformation and her underlying sexuality. Odette’s wrist is tied to a white feather that turns her back into a swan during daylight hours. She must find a true faithful lover to break the spell and un-cage her. When her prince is unfaithful with her dark counterpart Odile, Odette ultimately decides to take her own life.

Odile, Entry 2

In my interpretation of Odile, the black swan, I wanted her to encompass temptation and sexuality with a nod to 1930’s glamour and Coco Chanel’s little black dress. Odile wears a metal cage-like neck piece and her asymmetric up-do is held in place by metal wire that wraps around it and she wears a black beaded cap at that is half headband and half hat. Her gown is more formfitting to her figure and also transitions from opaque to sheer at the bottom. Her bodice is black feathers and she too has a black feather adornment that dangles from her wrist. Her shoulder bares a tribal like tattoo and her hands are tattooed black and disperse into broken feathery lines along her wrists symbolizing transformation and the theme of darkness overcoming us. The same dancer often portrays Odile and Odette as they are said to be twins, but another interpretation might be that perhaps one is merely transforming into the other, which ultimately leads to her demise.

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.