Entry 1 by Li

This is what I wanna account for my pictrue and sculpture :

This a digital painting with strong Feminism and an emotive kiss. A couple of girls indicate pure and evil, gentlenesss and valour.They are women warriors in mythological times, a world of monsters,spirits and days of creation . In that world,young girls which have responsed to Moon Light Demon were picked out and, trained both in spirit and physical prowess to become hunters.

The women warriors lived to hunt for a rare great eidolon which has destructive power. Sometimes in order to defeat the monster they need to alter their body with demon's blood to make themselsve more strong minded and powerful. But doing this become move further from the ordinary condition.

Girls easily fell inquietude and become lonely. I got the inspiration for the characters when I listened to a sad song written by Avril Ramona Lavigne named "I'm with you". Besides painting I love to sculpt ,so I made a pair of sculptures based on the painting,photographed them and send them together with the painting ,hope it helps.^_^

Entry 2 by Li

Here is what I wanna explain about my watercolor and doll :

I have always been interested in the culture of Japan. Imagine a young woman wearing a kimono with long sleeves is always a beautiful scene. Joining the Kimono and doll together will make it more attractive and eerie.

This watercolor is representing a scene of young girls nightmares, with exquisite brushwork and saturated colors.

I also handmade a doll wearing a Kimono,using paper pulp ,string and rag. I call her Ariel.She has movable joints but can's stand up.^_^. It just supports the idea that she is an Asian doll in Kimono.

Entry 3 by Li

The following is what I wanna account for my watercolor :

This is a idea for a male doll. I painted this water color when I listened to the songs of Michael Jackson. His talant, sad childhood and sudden death make complex feelings and I can only draw them down. A very lonely man dressed in gorgeous apparell with painted mask, nobody can see through to his smiling face or even see tears streaming down his face.

I used a live color to built a mopish atmosphere,hope you like it.^_^

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