Entry 1 by Lisa

My inspiration for Meliora was based mainly on a movie titled 'The Last Unicorn'. I've always liked the idea of an animal having to suffer the life of being a human and thus I've designed a character which had once been a Unicorn. She has been cursed to live the life of a human but a fairy has been kind enough to grant her the opportunity to regain her horn and tail on the eve of every full moon. While it isn't as close to being a unicorn as Meliora would have wanted, she is thankful for the gift and uses the time wherein she's carrying her horn and tail to commune with her family.

Although, sadly, upon sunrise, they disappear and she lies in wait for the next full moon.

Entry 2 by Lisa

My inspiration for this dress was mostly water. Although water and I have a love-hate relationship, seeing it in nature always leaves me awestruck. The color of the dress, a light turquoise would represent the ocean and the beading detail on the back and front would represent dewdrops. If I was able to make this dress, the beading would be crystal and the fabric flowing, delicate, translucent and layered, perhaps even in different hues of blue. Ideally, the dress would be worn by a human-animal hybrid of some sort, one that would have a tail: wolf, lamb, rabbit, rat, unicorn, dragon, bird, etc.

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