Temoe by Louisa

The Inspiration

The inspiration for my idea came from the black velvet paintings popularised by Edgar Leeteg who lived and painted in Tahiti from 1933 – 1953. His main subject was beautiful Polynesian women, and he painted them amidst their background, their culture and their history. Works such of these can now be found in dusty thrift shops throughout the world sold cheaply as pin up pop kitsch. I am drawn to the color, grace, eroticism and strength of these works.

The doll

Temoe is a Tahitian name meaning sunset. Here she lies at sunset, on a sheet of black velvet with a single red hibiscus flower behind her ear. Her back is tattooed with images from the ocean. A turtle, an octopus. As the sun goes down she will rise and adorn herself with a traditional feathered headdress and skirt to dance for the tourists, until then she will rest in the serenity of a peaceful island life.

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