by Madaline

Her name is Rozalba and she is the most beautiful fairy from the fascinating universe of Romanian folktales. As delightful as Vasilisa the Beautiful, Rozalba is part of a culture with so many magical and distinct little mythological details and motifs, her kingdom being always ruled with the help of her sisters, virgin forest nymphs, causing delirium to to any man. Sometimes seen bathing in pure mountain springs or dancing in a frenetic vertigo in moonlit forest glades, while singing with her enchanting voice, Rozalba casts spells to those whose souls are pure and winged by passion. Her clothes are sewn with silver threads and beautifully adorned with traditional folk-motifs, the chemise she’s wearing being as light as thin air. Ribbons symbolizing life are braided in her long, auburn locks, veiling her delicate porcelain figure.

The Enchanted Rozalba comes from magic times, ruled by rituals and mysterious folkloric charms, embodying the traditional beauty of her culture and the distinctive features of a true East-European nymph.

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