Cygnus By Manuela

The idea for this doll is born from the charm of medieval armor and astronomical instruments such as those of Galileo. Especially for the headgear of the doll in the sketches I tried to build a form that has the same mechanism of an armillary globe. Both of these two arts that is the shape of the armor and scientific instruments were both subjected to decorating expert goldsmiths in the Middle Ages and Italian Renaissance.

I studied at the Academy of Florence are often in contact with metal engraving for gravure printing. At the same time I wanted to combine these worlds lay in the spiritual sphere that would make this doll majestic yet solemn and sacred as the magnificent works of Byzantine art. In this case, the armor is dedicated to the constellation of the swan

The crown of the ocean By Manuela

This hat comes from the idea to create a kind of crown that is inspired by the natural marine elements. Is composed of three shells from the turret common type are set as calcified together to form a three-cornered hat that reminds me of those used by noblewomen Flemish '400. segenuendo the spiral movement of the three horns studded with little gems like opals of many colors and other small aquatic animals such as shells and starfish. Other dominant elements are the pearls that are wireless to adorn the base of the crown and hair. The hairstyle resembles the shape of a shell molro sought, the Nautilus. From the nape of the doll down the wavy hair and twisted strands of pearls to remind the tentacles of jellyfish.

Nouvelle Doll By Manuela

This doll has a clear style inspired by the Belle Epoque Paris of the nineteenth century. The additional influence is the current fashion Steampunk, where stands the era of the great innovations with the strong presence of mechanical elements like the inner workings of clocks and shapes of the heads of the nails and screws. I chose to add another element as the balloon that characterizes the costume of the doll with the dominant colors of white, red and green, colors that last two seconds Van Gogh were the colors of human passions. The atmosphere should be light and carefree. This is made from a clear sky and the delicacy of the frame Liberty. The doll has the air of a porcelain doll.

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