Entry #1 by Margot

My idea for this doll comes from the greek goddess Artemis, but I have modernized her appearance a bit, and given her a unique look. I have envisioned her as a strong, unashamed woman on the hunt. Her bronze accessories: an antler crown, bow, quiver and arrows are her only adornment. I have left her naked because that is a natural state of being, and I think she would be a bit wild, just like the animals she hunts. She has a lovely vine tattoo crawling up her leg, and long flowing brown hair. Artemis is my favourite greek goddess and I love that she symbolizes everything from wilderness to childbirth. She is an empowering female figure and I think she would make a lovely enchanted doll.

Entry #2 by Margot

My idea for this doll is nature-inspired with a bit of romantic, feminine flair. I love unicorns and all the myth that surrounds them, and have loved the "unicorn in captivity" tapestry since my youth. I think this medieval tapestry would make a beautiful tattoo on the back of the doll. Her white and palest grey lace dress opens at the back to keep the tattoo on display. She has a silver crown of branches adorned with oak leaves and acorns. Her face is peaceful and the makeup is pale. Her hair is long and braided loosely, and is the colour of fresh snow, to match her porcelain white skin. I have chosen to name this doll "einhorn maiden", einhorn being the german word for unicorn.

Thank you for this opportunity!

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