Red Riding Hood by Maria

Clinical lycanthropy- a mental disorder. An example of rare schizophrenia. What if the young woman in the tale was the one who killed her grandmother, whilst suffering from a rare form of mental disorder known as clinical lycanthropy? Inspiration came from a case study from the 1970’s where a woman in her 40’s was convinced she was transforming into a wolf. When she looked into a mirror she saw the eyes of a wolf and felt her body changing and had the urge to do violent things. The woman in my vision of the red riding hood is a young female aristocrat. She is suffering from clinical lycanthropy, and slowly becoming more and more ill as she goes into her wolf self more frequently and aggressively. One day while visiting her grandmother out in her country estate, she is overcome by her lycanthropic self and kills the grandmother. Her white cloak is colored red by the blood of the dead grandmother as she wraps it around her to be dragged and buried in the woods under a pile of rocks.

Love and Vulnerability, or the Compassion of Aeriel by Maria

Being in love is to be vulnerable. In the stage of love we practically present our heart to the subject of our love and are in their grace to have it protected and cared for. Inspired by the heroine of Meredith Ann Pierce’s novel The Darkangel is the image of Aeriel in her yellow wedding sari replacing her husband’s dead heart with her own. This represents the love and compassion of her persona and the sacrifices we are willing to make for the people we love.

The Golden Cage of the Rapunzels of the World by Maria

The beauty of women has sometimes been a blessing and sometimes a curse.

Women of beauty are sometimes being “encaged”, either by men or by society. They can also be mislabeled and not be seen for their personalities but only their looks. Even today in this modern era in some societies, women are encaged by rules and clothes. I was inspired by the fairytales of the encaged princesses like Rapunzel, and the lyrics from the song Girls just want to have fun by Cyndi Lauper- an upbeat song but with a sentence which made me think; “Some boys take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world”, which to me reflects the fear of loss and possessiveness in our nature.

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