Entry 1 by Maria S.

My first entry, is inspired in the Brasil Princess D. Maria I (Photo attached), from XVIII century.
This Jewel can be used on or above the breast, and also over some dress or directely the doll skin.
Note:The choise of the preciouse metals, stones and pearls, can be changed.I do not know anything about how to work metal, but i've try my best!

Entry 2 by Maria S.

My second entry, is inspired in the Circus:"THE WIRE GIRL"
She weares a precious metalic (1) ballet shoes, decored on the top and by sides, with some vegetal motives and pink stones, also some pink laces in the ancle.
In the hair, a metalic(1) lace with a real very thin satin lace interlaced.
And in the hand a little umbrella worked in cut metal(1), with some craved stones.
(1) metalic can be silver, gold or others.

Entry 3 by Maria S.

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