Spring by Marie

This one I have been thinking of for a long while. Ever since you came out with "the Vessel" I always wondered, the logical next step. This doll would be the baby of Vessel. She’s named Spring, for the time of year when the world wakes from her sleeping Winter, to a new life, new hopes and dreams. This to me is cyclical, as the same can be said of newborns. Spring would be older than new born though.

Some tattoos reminiscent of Vessels’ would be peppered about Spring, in reflection of the image. The back story to Spring is a short one as she is timeless, yet only beginning this time around. I picture Spring fair haired with green eyes. A curious open mouth smile new to the world, the world new to her.

Claire by Marie

Claire is a raven haired maiden who is a tomb of worry. She absorbs one’s woes’ and worries as she watches over you. Her eyes deep and understanding pools of darkness. For Claire, I envision a caged vulture’s skeleton on her back. The vulture is often seen as a symbol of impending doom. The carrion nature picking away at the confidence and stamina like flesh from bone. Caged, as the worrier is imprisoned by their fears. Claire is inspired by my own worries and manifestation of a sort of guardian angel to take these worries. I like many women, am a natural born worrier. One only has to look to society to see why so many girls and women fret who to be and what is expected of them. Her name itself a reassuring play on the word “clear” as in your worries are cleared.

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