by Marta

It's kinda funny because before I drew her i knew she will be a 'witch' and that her name will be 'Jarzebina' that in english is....witchwood. Amazing coinsidence.

I really love witches. Not the ones that fly arond on the brooms, but the real witches. The society outcasts, inteligent, strong women, wich had amazing bond with nature. They knew a lot about healing and plants, and could foretold what will hapen, just because of this amazing intuition they had. As I grow older I feel a loss inside of me, that I never had this opportunity to grow up near nature, and I really not know anything about it.

That's how I created Witchwood, a lonely witch who lives in a old cottage in a moorland. The cats are her companions, though their odd friendship is based on freedom. None living being belongs to me- is what the Witch believes. She believes she is one with the nature, just a small part of something bigger. She officiate every seazon of the year, and treats life with respect.

This is how I see Witchwood, and all those womens that they called 'witches'.

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