Amatala by Martin

My collage tells the story about Amatala who works in a circus as an artist and clown. She lives in a small travel trailer which is full of books and other magic things. Amatala loves reading books. She hopes to get a famous artist one day. She is poor as a church mouse, her only ewe lamb are a wonderful golden feather-pen which her mother gave to her before she died and her last will which is written on pompous tracing paper. Amatala does not know that this feather is magical – it is from a sorcerous creature which became extincted many years ago. Her mother told her that nobody knows how the creature looked like – it is told that it had the size and character of a cat and deep blue eyes. She always wears the gorgeous feather on her circus-cap. Over the course of one hard day during a trapeze-show Amatala looses balance and falls in the depth. Before she dies the magic of the feather changes her into somehting different..... in a doll.

I send you photos of two collages I made. I used antique, old an new paper, postcards, flyers, stickers and some parts I drew by myself (like parts on the books and the character Amatala). I cutted them out and sticked them together. The booksshelf in collage 1 is 3-dimensional so that the small books I made out of carton and thin paper have place in it. The small posters are photographs I made in museums in Austria (Museum of Art in Vienna has a wonderful postercollection). I made the circusworld in a small letter box. When it was finished I photographed the hole world and parts of it. I also created the workplace for Amatala.

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