The Nymph Daphne by Maura

What is it like to be loved by the Gods? What if your prayers were listened and answered? One has to wonder if the mysterious ways of the Gods would conform to our desires and if their intervention would really bring the help we hope for.

This doll is inspired by the myth of the nymph Daphne. The Gods indeed loved her.

Apollo burned with passion for her. Cupid had seen to it in revenge for Apollo’s mockery of the power of love. When pursued by her divine suitor, Daphne realized that she could not escape his unwanted attentions. She prayed to the Gods for mercy. They listened. They intervened. She was transformed into a beautiful bay leaf tree. Apollo, finally reaching her, wept on her breast as it turned into wood and swore that she would become his symbol: the symbol of triumph for generations to come.

Was she gifted with eternal beauty and glory for her virtue? Or was she forever deprived of her freedom and form? Was this the only way she could be saved?

This doll comes with bay leaf branches bracelets and headdress, root-shaped boot, and a bark-like tattoo on half of her body.

Anne Boleyn by Maura

What does it feel to be loved by a king? Anne had caught the eye of Henry VIII. She was strong, willful, indomitable, like the king himself…and beautiful. The king could not help but want her. She did not give in, at first. But you could not deny the king for long. He courted her tenderly and passionately. He overturned the laws of England, defied the temporal and spiritual powers of the age to make their union legal. He asked of her just one thing: an heir to the throne. A male heir. She gave him a girl…a terrible disappointment. Her exquisite features could not keep him enthralled after that, nor could her spirit and fierce intelligence feed his love. In the end, she was discarded, her reputation maimed, his love turned to hatred. He had her head cut off. And all because she gave him a girl. Just a girl…but what a fine girl, her triumphant, her glorious golden Elisabeth!

This doll was inspired by Anne Boleyn, mother of Queen Elisabeth I. She comes with a fur lined brocade vest, regal jewelry and tattoo representing her daughter, the sovereign that brought to England its golden age.

Nautilus by Maura

Nautilus was an immortal nymph of the waves. Nemo was a young sailor and explorer. Their love was true and passionate, but it could not last. Too strong was for her the pull of the sea and for him the need to live among his people. Nautilus left him a daughter, a precious and delicate mortal, who could not follow her in the depths of the ocean. But Nemo desperately longed for Nautilus. He built a wondrous vessel named after her and with their daughter he traveled the vast aquatic expanses of the world seeking her. He taught the girl the secrets of the sea and the mystery of her birth.

Growing up, the child swore to find her lost mother. In her diving suit, she ventured among the anemones and the morays in the hope of a chance meeting with the elusive creature. And often, as she braved the cold dark waters and walked among schools of fish, she perceived a loving presence, a sweet sound of lullaby in the sloshing of the waves. She had hope.

Nautilus, featuring new helmet and outfit, is a companion doll to (and was inspired by) The Daughter of Captain Nemo.

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