Stepmother’s Debt by Melinda

love Russian fairy tales and my idea comes from an original story that I wrote called the Stepmother’s Debt.

The characters of the story:

Magda – The cruel stepmother who makes a deal with a witch to be rich and beautiful. To repay this debt, Magda must return after ten years and give her life to the witch. Being vain and greedy Madga agrees.

Magda’s husband Anton - A poor farmer who Magda marries because he has a young daughter (Anya) and Magda plans to use the daughter to pay her debt.

Anya – The heroine of the story is a beautiful young girl with golden hair, sparkling blue eyes, lips the color of a rose and creamy skin. In beauty and grace she has no rival, but she is still sweet and kind.

Magda tricks Anya into going to the witch on the day her debt is due. The witch, thinking it is Magda takes her payment by sucking the life from Anya but being young Anya does not die. Anya is only a cold gray vision of her former self. Her hair has turned silver white with only a few streaks of dull gold. Her eyes are a lifeless pale gray. Her skin is ashen and cold to the touch. This is the doll I would like to see come to life as an Enchanted Doll. I hope that my story and my heroine will inspire you!

Of course there is so much more to the story, and yes, it does have a happy ending!

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