Sieglinde by Mia

The country of Nibelhaus has been at war for centuries with the neighboring country of Kurnewal, guilty of their strange faith. Nibelhaus' society is devoted to war, and children are brought up as warriors in the name of the underground goddess, Malvoira. Among them, Sieglinde has been chosen as Malvoira’s reincarnation, the first in centuries, and trained to lead her people in battle. However, Sieglinde hates violence and has no wish for war. In order to make her a bloodthirsty leader the priests of Malvoira have tried to strengthen her spirit with torture. As a result, her back is covered in fine scars resulting from the whipping she has received, but her soul hasn't become less gentle. Her short blonde hair, her wide eyes looking sadly at a world she cannot be part of, Sieglinde accepted her fate and drove her people to battle, only to die, without having ever experienced freedom. Her body was carried back to Nibelhaus, and a new chosen one is chosen to be trained, even though the priests are scared her shameful kind soul would be passed upon the new reincarnation, making impossible for them to win the war and defeat the unfaithful ones.

Inspired by Richard Wagner’s operas (especially for the names) and the figure of Joanne of Arc.

Oo by Mia

When Oo was born her mother was horrified, and believed she was an elfin child. Tiny, she had bright ruby eyes and white hair. Her nose was too small, her hands had six fingers, and she looked like a fragile little animal. Her mother abandoned her in the immense cellars of the Bibliothēca Maxima, in the dark, with rats as her only companions. Oo grew there, and her eyes got accustomed to darkness and silence. The Bibliothēca Maxima is the biggest library of the universe, the place where scholars from every time and age come to study, and holds all human and non-human wisdom. But forgotten things, books none reads anymore, ancient languages and corrupted manuscripts end up in the cellars, where none ever goes. None except Oo, who has been living there since her birth, and learnt to read on her own. O was the first letter she recognized, so she named herself after it. Her only friends are the rats, but sometimes she dreams of leaving the cellars, even though she cannot stand the light and knows her appearance will scare anybody she would meet. She is the library’s child and holds its secrets in the dark.

The Bird Girl by Mia

She lived in the forest, but one day a bored nobleman heard about her and took her away. However, his interest didn’t last long and he sold her to a circus, where her unusual appearance and her voice were immediately put into use. She cannot speak, but sings beautifully, and when she is up there, singing on the swing, you actually forget she is just a freak. She has wings, but cannot fly, and her small black eyes have no pupil. Her hair looks like a bird nest, her legs end with little claws, and she doesn’t look like any other creature. Her owner says she is special and feeds her with seeds, but she feels lonely in her cage. Every month, a gentleman comes to see her. He has gentle eyes, and never looks at her with horror. She falls for him, and when the gentleman comes she sings even more sweetly. She imagines he would rescue her. But one day he comes with another woman, and she is so beautiful. Her little heart just cannot handle it, and for the first time she flies, while falling off the swing, a few desperate flaps before collapsing on the ground.

Photo manipulations are made by me with Photoshop CS3 for Mac, the pictures are taken from:

Melanie Thierry by Peter Lindbergh
"La Pucelle" by Solve Sundsbo for Numéro #87

"The dark knight returns" by Sean Ellis for THE FACE August 1998

Connie Chiu by Ellis Parinder
Emily Wake Test Shot by Adrian Nina

The Bird Girl:
"Circo" by Alfonso Ohnur
"Incognito" by Ben Hassett for Vogue Beauty Nippon September 2006
? by Mariano Vivanco for Dazed & Confused

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