Entry #1: Physalis by Silje

Inspiration in creating of this dress was for me Physalis alkekengi, known also as Chinese lantern or Japanese lantern. It is a popular ornamental plant. It has a unusual fruit with husk in beautiful red color. I thought- it can be a good idea for a dress.

I was thinking about such dress from several months, but your contest mobilized me to the work in it. I see the dress sewn from sateen in bordo color. The „petals” sewn from shiny red organza. The corset is embroidered with white pearls and decorated gold-plated ornaments. My Physalis has hair in royal gray color- long and with curls. As you can see there is a gold-plated headdress with pearls. Her hair are hidden under the mesh with red pearls. On both sides of the headdress hang small physalis fruits.

Hope you like it.

Entry #2: Dragonfly by Silje

I always wanted to have dragonfly wings for my dolls. On the drawing you can see wings created by me. The wings are from silver or from metal in the colour of silver. They look more like a wings-frame. The space among the threads of each wing is empty. The wings are fastened with help of the decorative necklace. The necklace has on the shoulders small hinges, so you can easily take the wings off.

Each wing is fastened with help of small screw. Thanks to the screw you can place the wings in various positions.

I also thought about the mesh which would look as little "eyes", such what are in the real dragonfly wings, instead of empty places, but I do not know how to fasten it to the wings.

The doll is on the drawing just to show how do I see the wings on it. But if you like the concept- the doll has just body painting, there is no clothing.

(Sorry for my English...)

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