The Gorgon by Monika

A Priestess serving at the temple of Athena, Medusa was a young woman, beautiful enough to sway the heart of the God Poseidon. As punishment, Athena transformed Medusa's once silken hair into a tangle of vipers, and cursed those same features that once inspired arousal, to instead turn hearts to stone.

For her one crime she is to live a tortured existence till the day she is brutally murdered, no sympathy is ever bestowed upon her.

For my interpretation of the mythical Gorgon, I draw instead upon other venomous creatures that similarly inspire dread and revulsion - a writhing tangle of tentacles crowns her head, exquisitely carved from wax and cast in precious metal, a greenish-blue patina added to the bronze to evoke their aquatic texture.

Individual "scales" are carved snaking up the doll's legs, a hint of underlying colour just visible beneath each.

Besides the headdress, Medusa’s most important feature is her face - here it is that of the Grieved Woman, cursed and shunned, bitterness overtaking her. A beautiful face twinged with pain and her tortured fate. Eyes brewing with emotion glance off to the side – an indirect gaze - therefore the viewer is protected from her venomous gaze.

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Copyright © 2011 Marina Bychkova.