by Mu Ooi


I was reading about the god’s of the Hindu religion as I find all religions to be of great interest, when I came across Durga an incarnation of Devi or the Mother Goddess, this was my insperation for my new doll and here fashion.

Descriptipn as follows: She has a headdress of multi-facial heads so she can watch over her world.It is encurusted with jewels of ruby and emerald all encased in gold bradeing.

She has here body armour that protects her from harm and saves her modesty. She also has armlets and necklace that both have the facial design. The design of her armour is that of the lotus flower as this sybolises eternity,plenty and good fortune.

She has skin that is very pale with a hint of lotus petal pink, her lips are very full and inviting and her eyes are those that would lead men to there death. She has a lotus tatoo on her torso as this will protect her vital organs.


The Supreme goddess was thrust into creation by the gods of war as they battled with evil that wanted their world and their followers. Their whole existence was in the balance, they needed someone that could show compassion to all and yet, still stand with power to defend their existence.

The evil had come from far beyond the dark reaches; it had been looking for a long time at the world of the god’s of shavanity and their followers who every day would bring offerings and offer up prayer to the god’s. Such devotion had never been known and it was this devotion that the evil coveted.

The god’s had always given the people good will and peace in their lands and with their neighbours. Their lands were fertile and life was prosperous, this was the reason for such devotion to the god’s.

Supreme Goddess met the evil head on; across the void that separated the two domains she had nothing but her armour, her will and the power the war god’s gave her to battle the evil that waits. The god’s thought she would destroy the evil and wipe it from existence, but she stood with arm out stretched and she touched the evil and gave it her love with this the evil changed and became a new god and the first child of the Supreme goddess, many more were to follow, but that’s another story.

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