Hunter and Huntress by Nancy

(I created two characters, so I took the liberty of making the description longer than 200 words)

My idea is loosely inspired by the Greek/Roman gods, Apollo and Diana—Apollo being god of the sun and Diana goddess of the moon and the hunt. The masks are vaguely reminiscent of Greek war helmets, also drawing inspiration from your doll, Predator. The animals themselves—wolf (female) and jaguar (male)—are Native American, however. The two characters embody harmony and duality: the female is a Wolf, an important symbol of loyalty and perseverance in North American lore; the male is a Jaguar, often seen in South American art and representative of power and leadership. Both characters have respective masks, a silver wolf and a bronze jaguar, the metals again complimentary to each other. I imagined each with a full fur cloak attached under the helmet and trailing to the “floor,” white-gray for the female and jaguar-print for the male. Each cloak would also have a clasp in the shape of the respective animal and cast of the respective metal, which attaches at the throat when the helmet is pulled back to rest of the back of the doll.

I imagine the dolls to have Native American features: dark hair and eyes, high cheekbones, and such. Although indigenous people of the Americas have a lot of beautiful jewelry, I decided not to add them to my characters—I think their full nakedness allows them to better personify the hunting animals. Each will only have a belt and dagger sheath, and a tattoo. The female will have her belt around the waist, a bone dagger with a silver hilt, and a blue/silver tattooed moon on her right abdomen. The male will have a belt slanting down across the chest, a bone dagger with a bronze hilt, and a brown/gold tattooed sun on his left chest. The moon and sun are again from the Greek/Roman gods but also from Native American symbolism: the wolf is oft connected to the moon, to which it calls; it reminds me of chill, winter and open plains—more like North America. The jaguar reminds me of the heat and humid jungles of South America, and the legendary golden city “El Dorado.” Finally, the two characters exemplify the universal Sun-Moon symbol of harmony and balance.

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