Spider Queen by Natalie

The beautiful woman always caused suspicion in a society, and often associated with a deadly trap. She attracts and pushes away simultaneously.

Despite angelic beauty, the Queen doesn't hide the intentions, and the lacy web becomes destiny of everyone, who riskes to come nearer to her.

The Spider Queen set consists of a large crown (for the player), a small crown for the doll, and a lacy web. Large crown with a web tight inside it can also be used as a throne for the doll.

The feature of this doll is that with its accessories the player more fully participates in the game, and immersed in the world of his doll. You can think of lot of different combinations in the process of game: The web also can be used as a lace cloak for the Queen’s dress, or as a track for some "flies" if you are playing with more then one doll, etc. It is limited only by borders of your imagination.


Crowns can be made of light metal, poured out from the silicone or wax form. The stones are glass or precious, as you wish. The web can be knitted from threads with a hook.

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