by Nathalie

Florence, Italy, an enlightened town thoughout centuries, filled with artists and beauty.

Some time ago lived a woman there, daughter of a toymaker, the best one he was in his life, who had made the most desired toys of all Florence.

She, grown up without a mother, had after her father`s death become the most enchanted dollmaker of Florence.

She crafted what the rich politician`s, merchant`s and Medici`s daughters desired the most: porcelain dolls that looked like the daughters themselves. Their likeness caught in their best years of maidenhood.

One day the most beautiful of all these maidens, daughter of the richest of all of Florence`s mechants ordered a doll. The dollmaker did as obliged. She painted the doll with a heart on her breast and endued it with the finest of gowns, accessories and jewelry. This doll became too beautiful, more beautiful than the merchant`s daughter, who rejected it, as she didn`t want anything more splendid looking than herself.

Unwanted for a long time, that meant nothing to her porcelaine beauty, the doll waited feeling a hollowness. The dollmaker grew older.

One day the doll raised her voice and asked: Can I become a real woman?

This is only the beginning of her story of travelling the real world in search for a real heart and a life...

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