by Nicola

I love the elegance and grace of your dolls, and most of them seem so pensive and peaceful.

The design for Luna is based off of the trailing elegance of luna moths with soft green and yellow draperies. It is fairly simple and meant to accentuate the elegance of your faerie like dolls.

Luna has brown eyes that gaze out from the wings of a painted moth mask and feathery antenna in her long silky hair. Her 'wings' are meant to be a cross between a cape and sleeves. They should (theoretically) fold down when her arms are not raised, and trail down her back.

Her dress is based off the flowing neo-classical dresses of the Napoleonic era. Translucent silks would give the right dreamy quality to the outfit, especially the skirt of the dress. The border on the hem would work best in something with a bit of weight so the folds of fabric in the skirt of the gown are not puffy.

The circular details on her necklace are meant to be moonstone.

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