The Fallen Angel, Sonia princess of peace by Nigel

In the current days with full of wars, terrorisms, and all kind of miserable crimes, I am inspired and the Sonia come into my mind. She is the fallen angel, symbolize the princess of peace. With the huge wings and a defined wing head accessories, she bear with the bandages around her chest, hand and leg. She is hurt deeply watching the mankind creating miseries which disturb the peacefulness of the world. Wrinkled his forehead, she is wondering why people are willing to hurt each other for the sick of power, wealth and hatred. Sadness covering her face now, she miss those days where she was still young and innocent as when she grow older, the more she realize that the world is filled with anger, selfishness, greediness, and hatred. The world’s peacefulness is being disturbed, thus she is being hurt too. Sonia is finding her way to regain his smile and happiness, hoping that all the mankind can live peacefully together someday.

The drawing is done by pencil as well as photoshop CS3.

The Queen of Ancient Egypt, Ratu by Nigel

Being inspired by the mystery of Egypt land, Queen Nefertiti has become the main inspiration on this character. It is said that even in the ancient world, her beauty was famous, and her famous statue, found in a sculptor's workshop, is not only one of the most recognizable icons of ancient Egypt, but also the topic of some modern controversy. She was more than a pretty face however, for she seems to have taken a hitherto unprecedented level of importance in the Amarna period of Egypt's 18th Dynasty. Ratu is a tan skin lady with the thick eyeliner around her eyes reflecting the queen of Egypt. The head dress is coated with gold and embellished with red, green as well as blue stones. The bra is coated with gold as well and connected to the head dress. With the combination of a long sheer skirt, it completes the look. She is the symbol of beauty, intelligent and love.

"And the Heiress, Great in the Palace, Fair of Face, Adorned with the Double Plumes, Mistress of Happiness, Endowed with Favors, at hearing whose voice the King rejoices, the Chief Wife of the King, his beloved, the Lady of the Two Lands, the queen of Ancient,Ratu,, May she live for Ever and Always"

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