Compulsive by Noxy

The first idea is a woman who's incredibly obsessive. With ballet. Always striving to be the perfect ballerina. Because I like naming my ideas, she's Compulsive. I imagine her with a bluish, almost dead like blushing, with tattoos of bones along various parts of her body. For example, a tattoo of the humerus would be along one of her upper arms. They might not be whole tattoos - though that's how I've depicted them. They could be partially showing, or looking like they're gaping through. I imagine her in an elegant, sheer ballet costume. She'd also have modified feet so that she could be on pointe. I imagine her as having short, curly, kind of crazy hair - as if she was so fervent in her technique that she could care less about her hair - though she could also be adamant about having it styled in to a ballerina bun as well. The overall concept could be interpreted two ways: (at least, in my head) She'd dead, passed on, and yet, she still strives for perfection. Or, she's so obsessed with perfection that she's working herself to the bone. Either way, she'll never stop.

Imprisoned by Noxy

My next idea, Imprisoned, is of a beaten woman. She's stuck in a relationship she can't get out of, and she's physically and emotionally abused. The costume I imagine for her is more an interpretation of her imprisonment. It's an all metal costume. I originally pictured it in bronze and silver, though other metals or all one metal would work too. It would consist of a bra, corset, underwear, and boots - all in bronze. Then, in silver - shackles around her neck, wrists and ankles, all attached to the costume by chains. The chains and shackles would be removeable. I think her costume is the most important, but I also wanted to show how I saw her battered - like her real self in her interpreted costume.

Imprisoned by Noxy

The last idea coincides with Imprisoned. He's her knight. Her savior. Her Hero. What damsel in distress wouldn't like a knight in shining armor? But whether he's real or only in her dreams... that's open for interpretation. He would also have an all metal costume - much of it would be plate-mail. And the costume would also share the same colors as hers. He'd have chain-mail as well, on his head, along his arm, and on his upper legs. He'd have a bronze shoulder piece. His tarnished silver plate-mail would feature bits of bronze embossed along it. He'd also have a sword to match. And facial hair... because sometimes a hero needs facial hair.

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